Books For Sale AAT Level 2 Portsmouth Area

GGalasso Registered Posts: 4
I am selling my AAT Level 2 books. Mostly Osbourne books bought August 2018 but have also used Kaplan books in addition for the UACS and Synoptic exam.

All tutorial books and osbourne revision notes are in excellent condition and have not been written in.
Workbooks have been written in with pencil, lightly but other than that in good condition.

Osbourne books for level 2 complete set of tutorial, workbooks and revision notes.
Kaplan UCAS tutorial and exam kit as well as Synoptic tutorial and exam kit. I have not scratched off the codes for online.

If anyone is interested then make me a sensible offer. Any money will go towards level 3 books.



  • GGalasso
    GGalasso Registered Posts: 4
    Note: It is the five books to the right that have been filled in in pencil ✏️

    The Kaplan books were only bought in January (UACS) and February (Synoptic).
  • Sysunia
    Sysunia Registered Posts: 1
    Hi, would you accept £80 inc postage?
  • GGalasso
    GGalasso Registered Posts: 4
    Hi Sysunia, sorry to not reply sooner. If you are happy to pay that then yes I would be happy to sell them for that. Please private message me to arrange. X
  • GGalasso
    GGalasso Registered Posts: 4
    Still available if anyone is interested.
  • AmyKilbourne
    AmyKilbourne Registered Posts: 8
    Hello are these still available?
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