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Statement of Cash Flow Direct Method

moozy7moozy7 Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 33
To adjust for example Sales for cash flow purposes, we look at the sales control account.

My problem is that Sales are ex VAT and Sales Control Account is including VAT.

How does that work please?


  • davealucasdavealucas LondonMAAT Posts: 86
    The VAT element goes to the VAT Control Account.

    For example, if you sell an item for £100 plus VAT, the transaction will be:

    Dr Sales £100
    Dr VAT Control Account £20
    Cr Sales Control Account £120

    The Sales Control Account is a combined debtor account almost like a cash transaction.
  • CheesypeesyCheesypeesy MAAT Posts: 102
    Just a slight nitpick Dave, I think you've got your debits and credits the wrong way round!
    Matthew Dearlove MAAT
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  • davealucasdavealucas LondonMAAT Posts: 86
    @Cheesypeesy How right you are. Mental note to self, don't give advise when tired.
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