Has anyone attempted this exam several times and still not passed?
I am having real problems because I am no longer studying and this is the last exam I have retaken so many times.
Not sure what to do as feel like giving up but its the last one!!

Any tips on passing that anyone has?



  • VS1VS1 Posts: 71Registered
    Sorry to hear you are struggling with this exam, I was in the same boat and passed on my 3rd attempt, after they suspended the exam and reduced the number of questions.

    As the Kaplan textbook for this module was overloaded with information and I didn't have much time, I solely studied using Kaplan exam kit and using learning material on AAT D&C module, especially E learning.

    On my 3rd attempt, I made notes on the main topics on E-learning section plus I used the below link Pages/Activity Based Costing (ABC).aspx

    Also don't skip topics, make sure you have covered every thing.

    Is there something you particularly struggling with?
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