AATQB License limitations - Specifically VAT - What Can/Can't be done?

Good morning all

I have had a message from a potential first client, who has asked how much I charge for VAT management, and if I can register them for VAT.

Now, I know I can "manage VAT" by recording inputs/out puts and producing the VAT return on my chosen accounting software, but can I actually submit it to HMRC on the clients behalf (once it has been signed off as ok) - this sounds more in keeping with Making Tax Digital? Or would I have to produce it, get them to log in and click the button to submit?

Also, can I actually register people for VAT? Personally without reading up on HOW to do this and WHAT is involved, I would not be confident doing this. My response to this bit was to advise that an Accountant can do this, and once it is set up I can look after his bookkeeping and financial accounts, account for VAT and product the VAT return (I did not specifically say I could submit it until I have an answer).

The Bookkeeping license simply says

"Value Added Tax
The preparation of VAT returns; dealing with HMRC on behalf of a client, advising on the applicable rates of VAT in respect of both inputs and outputs.

A member practising in this area of work can be expected to provide their client with:

An explanation of the principles of VAT
Calculations of the VAT to be paid to, or recoverable from, HMRC"

So it says Preparation of VAT returns, does this include submission?

I hope I have got all the information you need to help. I have emailed AAT but they are VERY slow at responding.

Many thanks

Alice Eland


  • MarieNoelle
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    I would have thought that "dealing with HMRC on behalf of a client" covers the submission of the VAT return. And of course if the client is mandated for MTD for VAT you would have to file with MTD compliant software (or bridging software)

    If you are not confident on registering a client for VAT it's a good idea to refer them to someone more experienced. If you have a good relationship with an accountant you may even ask them to "show you around" so after a few registrations you will feel confident enough to do it yourself.
  • AliceEland
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    That's great thank you very much.

    That is what I thought. I've recommended they get set up for VAT with their accountant and then I can take it from there!

    Thank you very much.

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