Level 3 Osbourne or BPP books to buy

Anna8104 Registered Posts: 1
Hi all
I am looking for second hand copies of the most recent level 3 (AQ2016) Osborne books or BPP - all tutorials and workbooks please,


  • jordan1003
    jordan1003 Registered Posts: 1
    Hi Anna,

    I was wondering if your still looking for level 3 books?

    I have just completed my level 3 and I have Osborne books tutorial/work books for each module with a few wise guides. Most in excellent condition apart from 1 or 2, but I haven’t written in any of them.

    They are also mostly new 2016 editions, again apart from 1 or 2 that are 2013 but I’ve managed to pass with them all no problem so they are fine.

    If your interested let me know.

  • samanqamar
    samanqamar Registered Posts: 4
    Hey Jordan do you still have the books??
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