Returning after 3 years break

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Hi All,
Need some advise from you wonderful people. I am returning to finish my level 4 after 3 years break. Passed Financial Performance and ISYS (which I can't carry over, unfortunately). I'm really worried as the pattern has changed significantly and a lot of people say it's very difficult to pass synoptic. Had anyone got back to finish their qualification after a gap and how did you manage. Also which unit you found most difficult? Any advice and tips will be much appreciated.
Thank you


  • Lisa2103
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    I did level 3 over 4 years ago and there wasn't a synoptic back then. I thought I would struggle trying to get back into studying mode but actually enjoyed and got mid 80's in Financial statements, MDCL and budgeting but failed Cash & Treasury Management unfortunately despite enjoying that class?! So you may be surprised how well you do/have done by now? For me, I was learning fresh again which helped in my case.
    How have you found it?
  • MCB1986
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    I passed my level 3 back in 2011. I then returned to do level 4 last September. I have passed the mandatory units so far and sat my synoptic on Friday - which was definately the toughest. I have and still am finding it tough to balance study/work/family and home but I am doing it at my ow pace and feel a proud sense of achievement.
    I wish you all the best - anything is possible if you put your mind to it. :-)
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