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Could really do with some advise on accountancy software please,

I have just set up my practice and will need software for accounts production for Sole Traders/Partnership and Limited Companies and also submission of personal tax returns/ corporation tax on a small scale initially 5 clients, any suggestions on the best package on a small scale?


  • MarieNoelle
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    If you use the search function there are a few threads discussing this topic.

    Taxfiler and TaxCalc are worth looking at for a micro practice.
    Also VT accounts production (but you would need separate software to file tax returns)
  • Caspar1
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    I use Absolute Tax for Personal tax returns, Sole traders, Ltd Company Accounts & CT comps and submissions to HMRC, and reduced accounts submissions to Companies House.

    All I do for partnerships as only have a few of these, I pay a small amount for their 'top up tax' which lets me submit up to 5. They are very helpful and the helpline is free once you have paid for the software, and I find it very easy to use.

    At a later date you can also include practice management tools to keep track of times and deadlines etc.

    I also use Moneysoft for payroll and it is relatively cheap compared to some, and their helpline is also free and really helpful.

    For clients where I provide all the book keeping and VAT work in house, I use Sage L50 (accountants package for up to x clients), and for clients who wish to input their own sales and upload receipts etc, I use Xero where we can both log in.

    Using these products helps me to keep my license fees down, but they will grow as I have grown over the years.
  • Buhir_the_Bookkeeper
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    Please bear in mind the industry is going towards cloud so try to integrate your software to minimise crossover in uploads and downloads of accounts, Trial balances bookkeeping etc.

    As an Accountancy manager practice suite get and start to use Accountancy Manager it will save you hundreds of hours over the years

    Xero or quickbooks for bookkeeping. These link to Tax filer which will do all of your tax returns and accounts preparation. Tax filer is durt cheap and now owned by IRIS a major expensive player in the market.

    Moneysoft for payroll its very cheap and very very easy to use great customer service and onboard help guides.

    After 20 years in the industry and use of 20 different software I am very happy to recommend all of these.

    And they are all cloud based which helps in efficiencies with the clients and yourselves.

    Please feel free to contact me directly if you would like any more help with accouting softwares.

    The AAT have loads of useful guides for practice owners on their websites as well.
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