Bookkeeping Licence Minimum Requirements

Does anyone know if their are any minimum requirements to gaining a bookkeeping Licence?

For example, If I put in my application I estimate to have 2 sole trader clients for the year and only £500 annual income, (as they are family members) can they reject the application for that? This is on the side of my full time job and 2 young kids, hence the low estimate.

Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks.


  • MarieNoelleMarieNoelle Trusted Regular Hampshire/Surrey borderModerator, MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,436
    Maybe @AAT_Team could confirm?
  • DannyT90DannyT90 Surrey AAT Student, AATQB Posts: 160
    Thanks @MarieNoelle I've messaged them about it.

    I know if I gain more clients to let @AAT_Team know, due to continuity of practice but was unsure if having a low number of potential clients and income would go against my application.
  • AAT_TeamAAT_Team Administrator Posts: 510
    @DannyT90 I don't know but if you've already contacted our team they will be able to give you the right information :)
  • DannyT90DannyT90 Surrey AAT Student, AATQB Posts: 160
    @AAT_Team I sent a message on the Activity page. Is this the correct way to message you directly?
  • AAT_TeamAAT_Team Administrator Posts: 510
    @DannyT90 Oh I see. That's not a good way because the forum doesn't give us a notification! However you really need to speak to our customer support team via [email protected] or by giving us a call, as we don't handle customer support on this forum, it's managed by a different division.

    If you use social media you can tweet / message us on Facebook and you will get a quicker response than emailing.
  • DannyT90DannyT90 Surrey AAT Student, AATQB Posts: 160
    I'll send a tweet. Thanks
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