Seeking Level 2 self study advice

Good morning all

I am looking at studying for L2 myself- any pointers on those who have self studied? I have bought one of the BPP books and awaiting it to turn up so I can have a read of it.

I have completed my L5 CIPD recently so I am hoping that this shouldn't be too difficult (FINGERS CROSSED)!

I have found somewhere local I can sit the exams, but pointers on the best order to complete modules would be great!



  • CarolynDenton
    CarolynDenton New YorkRegistered Posts: 5
    Regarding study material, BPP, Kaplan and Osborne can be used. Personally I would recommend BPP. By searching other threads on this forum you can find people selling books cheap (in most cases they have never been opened). Just make sure they are for the period you are studying for. I'd suggest buying the text book and the question books. This link will take you to a training provider search. Try searching for training providers in your area and call them to see if they allow exams to be taken by external students. I used the Babbington group for a few level 4 exams.
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