Would self-studying Level 3 with books and NOT taking the exams before doing Level 4 be reasonable?

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I'm looking to self-study for the entire AAT qualification. I worked through the AAT level 2 books via self-study and then went to move onto level 3. I was going to do my level 3 exams and then do the same with level 4. Now though, I'm considering just learning everything and then not taking the level 3 exams in order to save money and then jump to level 4 of which exams I'd actually take.

Does this sound like a reasonable idea? I get that it might be detrimental to have not ever done a AAT exam before but I'm not too keen on just doing level 3 exams for the sake of it if I'm not going to bother using the qualification until after I achieve level 4 anyways.

Would be interested in other peoples thoughts on this.



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    You can get AATQB status by completing level 3, although you may not used it is good confidence boost and look good on your CV
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