Penalised for putting amounts in the wrong order within ledgers?

Bran278 ManchesterRegistered Posts: 36
For the AAT exams, do amounts listed down the debit or credit side of a ledger account need to be in any particular order?? I don't want to lose marks for this :( (see attached picture)


  • fedemenni
    fedemenni MAAT, AATQB Posts: 95
    Apart from the balance c/d and b/d I don't think so
  • KLM
    KLM AAT Student Posts: 26
    Hi @Bran278

    I'm concerned about this too, as I have the FAPR exam coming up next. Perhaps the @AAT_Team could advise?
  • Tweetinat
    Tweetinat Registered Posts: 1
    I have been told by an AAT Tutor that the order is not assessed in the L3 exam.
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