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My Level 2 will finish come july, and i so far haven't passed 1 exam yet i have arranged to resit my 2 from jan & feb and other 2 this mth and nxt. I have had so much gone on in my personal life which has been very stressful and hopefully its looking like a end of my problems. I know my theory side of level 2 but when it comes to the exam my nerves get the better of me and i end up missing by a few marks. So for a while ive been feeling like im lost and haven't got the get up go as i did when i started this course. I have a appointment with my tutor tomorrow and will explain all this and see what she says. I feel such a disappointment!


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    Please don't give up or feel like a disappointment. AAT is a lot tougher than people realise sometimes. I can completely relate to where you're coming from, as when I was studying my Level 3, I was the only person out of my class to fail my first exam and felt exactly as you did. However, I ended up receiving an award, and now I support and help AAT Students. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

    The main priority is to look after yourself. Does your tutor know about your personal issues? Would some time out help? Life is much bigger than a single course, and you are not going to perform at your best if you're feeling rubbish. It's so important to give yourself time, so you are in the right space. I know July is quite close, but, I'd say that is crucial to getting through at the moment.

    Secondly, can your college give you extra help and support, to help you grasp things you don't understand or to help you practice your exam technique? Lots of students miss out on the help and support that's available, because they don't ask. You may well have done, but this is definitely something worth considering. Also, consider posting questions here, as there are lots of talented and intelligent people who can explain things, and are happy to help.

    Thirdly, read the examiners reports. That really helped me, because it shows you exactly where students are going wrong and making mistakes. This was invaluable for me when I completed my programme, as it helped me to identify the toughest topics, and know exactly how to answer questions and target my revision.

    Fourthly, if you haven't already, it's definitely worth getting some question bank resources. If money, is an issue, get them from the previous specification (AQ2013,) as the content has not changed that much, other than rules around Prompt Payment Discounts and the way some questions are asked. .

    Lastly, please don't feel like you're alone in this. Lots of people have previously struggled massively with AAT exams and are now working happily as Finance Professionals. You can do this! :-)
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