LA2018LA2018 Registered Posts: 14
So I’ve had a question when working out mark up. Now in all my practices except this one I’ve been given either the sales , opening inventory and the closing inventory or the opening inventory purchases and closing inventory,
In this question all they gave me was the credit terms of 45 days then the purchases value and the mark up value.
How do I work out the cogs and value of sales from this information?


  • JoFJoF AATQB Posts: 11
    Did you sort this one? Dont want to go answering if Im wasting my time ;-)
  • LA2018LA2018 Registered Posts: 14
    hey! so Im guessing the values were none which is why I wasn't given any figures, is that right? confused still on the 45 day terms.
  • ncacatncacat United KingdomRegistered Posts: 39
    Sounds interesting. Would you be able to upload a copy of the question maybe?
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