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I have my exam in a couple of weeks and I am dreading it! It is my first time attempting the synoptic but I keep trying the mock exams and find it very hard to understand what they are asking of me. I wish they would write the questions in a terminology that everyone understands! Any how......
Does anyone have any tips on how I can avoid this in the exam? I fear that I will read something and be like 'oh s**t I have no idea what they are asking' and then be thrown off for the entire exam. I struggle with putting things into writing, I tend make bullet points and most of the time these are along the lines of their written answers but...... how to I put them into sentences and it all make sense?
I think I am over worrying but!!!!!!! haha

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!
Revision strategies.....
Writing techniques....
Anything would be great!


  • Emmalouxx
    Emmalouxx Registered Posts: 15

    I have just taken my synoptic exam today and honestly it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Task 4 and 6 are always your writing tasks so I left those until the end so that whatever time I had left, I used to write. In my case I had over an hour. Just make sure you revise everything needed from BKCL, BTRN and ELCO. If you use kaplan, write out the textbook in note form, take the mocks, use the AAT green lights, read the examiners report from 2018 and use the resources. Just make sure in the reports you use a logical order with headings and good grammar. Youtube has good resources too. There’s tonnes of resources on line
  • Staceydanielsx
    Staceydanielsx Registered Posts: 40
    Hi Emma, well done sitting it. I'm absolutely dreading it. I've got mine next Thursday! I've been doing lots of note and so many questions I'm getting to the point where I'm so bored of doing the same thing. I did all of this last year and failed by 4 marks so I'm just hoping that the exam is a little bit nicer to me this time around!
  • Emmalouxx
    Emmalouxx Registered Posts: 15
    Hi Stacey, You’ll be fine! - if you haven’t already taken it. That’s a good thing if you’re bored, it means you can do it automatically. If you haven’t already taken it, read the examiners report on AAT to see where people have previously slipped up. I think it’s so useful. Good luck on your results!!
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