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Hi guys!

The waiting on the synoptic is killing me and I only took it today!! From past experience do you get an email with your results or when they’re available to view? Also, I’m worried about my UACS. I don’t work in accounts or use sage so will I find it hard?


  • EM12345EM12345 Registered Posts: 11
    Hi Emma. I took the synoptic today and agree that 6 weeks feels like a long wait. I think you get an email notifying you that the results are available. It should be 27 June.
    I found UACS module fairly straight forward but have used Sage before. You should familiarise yourself with Sage (you can download a free trial) and practice so you don't lose time searching for functions in the exam. Good luck
  • CarolynDentonCarolynDenton New YorkRegistered Posts: 5
    I'm new here so I don't all the details, but form my friend's experience that's really a long wait. Hope your results will be great :)
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  • cdaviescdavies Registered Posts: 1

    i re sat my Level 3 Synoptic exam yesterday for the 2nd time, it went awful to say the least! i Revised so hard for the exam by using the 2 Mock exams on the AAT website, and i literally got questioned on everything else but! Does anyone else have any more AAT exams to look at? Kaplan exams dont help me learn either!

  • EmmalouxxEmmalouxx Registered Posts: 15
    thanks guys! i keep logging in just incase my results come early😂 i’ve got distinctions in all my past units and am really scared about this one. I agree about revising and it feeling like everything you hadn’t focused on came up. I felt like i was so strong on all the areas i wasn’t assessed on! I think it’s the waiting that makes you question everything! I just prepared by going through all the previous units and the green light tests on AAT are fab. I also found it super helpful going through the examiners report because you can see where people struggle. I know some people in my group watch youtube videos. BPP have some good papers too if you can find any of them. theyre not the same layout but they’re more useful than kaplan.
  • EmmalouxxEmmalouxx Registered Posts: 15
    Also thanks about the free trial on sage! that’s super useful to know. thanks!
  • EM12345EM12345 Registered Posts: 11
    I agree the green light tests are very useful. I revised all past areas but the synoptic exam was definitely the most challenging so far. I found I needed longer to go back and check my answers, but ran out of time. I'll have to be mindful of this for future exams. Good luck to everyone. I hope we all passed!
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