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Synoptic Booked for 5th July!

Hey, has anybody else got their synoptic booked in for 5th July or around then?

Might be good to know how others are getting on at similar stages.


  • MadronyaMadronya Registered Posts: 6
    Booked for 4th July, Feeling a little panicked about the written section!
  • Brandon95Brandon95 AAT Student Posts: 15
    I know how you feel, i just hope its about a limited company and not assumptions of accounting!
  • SG2019SG2019 Registered Posts: 1
    Hi! I have booked mine for 5th July as well. I syllabus is so vast that I just find myself jumping from one thing to the other. Is someone else finding that?
  • Brandon95Brandon95 AAT Student Posts: 15
    Yeah it does cover alot! I have been focusing on the practice assessments and the mark scheme on the AAT website.
  • JpearceJpearce Registered Posts: 6
    Hi, I took this exam on Monday. As long as you have done the AATs 2 practice synoptics, and gone through where you went through you will be fine. I was very pleasantly surprised!
  • Brandon95Brandon95 AAT Student Posts: 15
    Thats good to know, i have been going through the 2 practice ones like crazy. How similar were the questions? Good luck
  • JpearceJpearce Registered Posts: 6
    Pretty similar to be honest. Just recap financial statements, accruals and prepayments, written section was fine which is what I was most worried about.

    I found that I had 30 mins spare for part 1, which I used to go through every answer again and add more writing into 1.3, I read somewhere on here the key is to just write and write so I did lol. And I had 40 mins to spare in part 2, which again I went back through everything, glad I did as had missed a column on of the sheets. I had been running close to the time limit when practising so that was on my mind, so I worked split screen to avoid clicking back and forth. Good luck tomorrow and for the long wait for our results!
  • Brandon95Brandon95 AAT Student Posts: 15
    Yeah the amount of time i felt was a bit generous, especially for Part 1, i had a question that included contribution per limiting factor and i could just not wrap my head around it!
  • KLMKLM AAT Student Posts: 26
    @Jpearce and @Brandon95

    Do you mind me asking how you found the excel part of the synoptic? I'm absolutely dreading this exam after all the horror stories!
  • Brandon95Brandon95 AAT Student Posts: 15
    Overall i found the Excel part very similar to the practice exams if you have done them. I didn't bother downloading the PDF with the tasks on because I personally hate having a spreadsheet squished into one half of the screen so i flipped between sheets to get my info. This helped as well because after completing one of the tasks, i would highlight it in yellow. I had a question that involved salaries and sorting the data in order, contribution per unit and per limiting factor (which is the only part i really struggled on), there was a statement of profit or loss that you had to fill in. I also found the time very generous, 1 Hour 45 minutes for two tasks, i gave myself a time limit of 30 minutes max for each task in part 2 and had plenty of time left.
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