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Hello All,

I sit my exam next week and have seen a lot about CBA on the forum.

Can someone please tell me what sort of questions they ask about this as i am very unfamiliar on this.


  • Dorota_1680Dorota_1680 Posts: 54Registered
    edited May 20
    Hi all! I just had my synoptic exam for a 3rd time and for the first time i had cost benefit analysis which i didn't come across in practice papers. Can you assist where to get some help on this question?
  • bethany_fordbethany_ford Posts: 22Registered
    hello @Dorota_1680 , I'm confused as to what they even ask in this type of question?
  • Dorota_1680Dorota_1680 Posts: 54Registered
    @bethany_ford same here really, how they expect us to pass this exam if the study books don't cover it. From the previous comments I read that some students have complained to AAT about it.
  • bethany_fordbethany_ford Posts: 22Registered
    @Dorota_1680 what question did they ask?
  • Dorota_1680Dorota_1680 Posts: 54Registered
    @bethany_ford this time round i didn't get SWOT analysis in Q6 but Cost Benefit Analysis instead, Q5 - Relevant Costing, Q2 - Budgeting, Q3 - weaknesses , Q4- Ratios. In all three exams i did get question like three ways of improving operating statement. Do you know how to respond to that as i couldn't come across in any other practice exam paper?
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