Indirect Tax - 1.5Hr Exam.. does this make time tight?

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This is a shorter exam compared to all the others I've sat ( Maybe Bookkeeping Controls is 1.5hrs?)

In the Examiner report, unlike all the other exams there is no mention of plenty of time being available to complete the exam

Does anyone know if its tight for time?


  • KLMKLM Posts: 26AAT Student
    Hi @thelowendtheory18

    From memory, I think I completed the Indirect Tax exam in about an hour - which included the time to go back and check my answers.

    I can't remember at any point thinking time would be an issue, and worked steadily through it.

    Good luck!
  • thelowendtheory18thelowendtheory18 Posts: 98Registered
    Cheers Pal.... hopefully i can get through it unscathed so i can focus on the dreaded Synoptic
  • KLMKLM Posts: 26AAT Student
    No worries. I did Indirect Tax first as I just wanted to get it out of the way. Just got Management Accounts Costing to do and then onto the synoptic. I'm already dreading it after all the horror stories :s
  • thelowendtheory18thelowendtheory18 Posts: 98Registered
    all the best, watch out of ABC costing in the MMAC exam

    its the only section in the exam that i lost marks in... found it quite confusing
  • KLMKLM Posts: 26AAT Student
    Will do, thanks for the tip.

    Good luck with the Indirect Tax exam!
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