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Hi all
New to this forum, have been a bookkeeper for 6+ years, originally QBE, then under the banner of AATQB licence, now looking to full MAAT licence having passed Level 4 and with more clients looking to come on board and now at the numbers where its a pre-requisite of the licence.

I am based in South Manchester/Cheshire although CP does not necessarily need to be close to me.

A real mix of clients. Mostly Limited, mostly VAT registered. Use of a mix of software, Sage, Quickbooks and VT, although have to say clients are not really fussed about what software is in use, as long as the work gets done.

I am happy to reciprocate if you wish.

Anything else you wish to know please give me a shout.



  • JoF
    JoF Registered Posts: 11 New contributor 🐸
    Just realised that I posted this in the student section in error.

    The forum is currently not allowing me to post in the professional members section so I will re-post in the relevant place once I get that sorted.
  • Bodrulm123
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    Hi Jof are you still looking for cover?
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