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Hello All,

I wanted to know if an individual was going to go bankrupt due to employment tribunal costs, homelessness and ill health would this been taken into consideration if he goes bankrupt through no fault of his own; just a series of bad situations? The individual enjoys the level 2 AAT course and done has done well in two exams but cannot really continue due to hardship but would still at one point like to become an accountant in the future. The individual has realised he actually might be suffering from PTSD and realised a certain geographical location is contributing towards detriment but is unable to do anything about this and has found it difficult to get help from any organisation adding barriers to his employment. Would the individual still be able to become full legal definition of accountant and member of AAT.




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    try Samaritans instead?
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    Hi Monstro,

    In terms of declaring bankruptcy in relation to AAT, this wouldn't affect them studying our qualifications however if they wish to apply for professional membership, they would need to declare this on their application and it would go through to our Professional Standards team to review as to whether this can be granted. Unfortunately, there is no straight yes or no without all the information being provided to the specialised team and for them to investigate further.

    I hope this helps a bit in relation to how it may/may not affect their journey with AAT :)
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    The Professional Standards Handbook tells you the decision process if someone has insolvency, criminal records, etc. and whether they are likely to be rejected for membership or not.
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