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I'm unable to work at the moment for health reasons, and at 30 I have no real job experience.

I do have a degree (1st class in an unrelated subject), have completed AAT levels 2 and 3 (100% grades), and I plan to do level 4 soon. When I'm well enough to work I want to do something related to my AAT studies but I worry that I will have no chance of getting anywhere with my complete lack of experience at my age.

Does anyone have any advice on where to begin when I'm ready or steps I can be taking in the meantime while unable to work?


  • amurray
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    Hi there,

    Could you look at volunteering? - perhaps finding something in a capacity where you could work from home, be that a sports club/association or charity? I know volunteering can be a real great stepping stone into a first role, its good for your CV and its great if you're doing it for a charity.
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