How do you revise for Synoptic Level 3?!?!?

Hi guys,

I've been revising my past work (bookkeeping etc.) and thats going okay I guess. I have been going over spreadsheets but i dont know how to revise for it effectively because the AAT one looks very difficult and my exam is in 2 weeks.

Someone please help!!
Thanks in advance


  • mcchocmcchoc East YorkshireRegistered, Tutor Posts: 33
    Concentrate on the five ethical subjects (objectivity, integrity etc) and their associated threats and resolutions. Then ensure that you are quick and efficient at using Excel, and know under which menu button to find the various formula wizards. Check out past papers to see which formulae come up again and again. Use ALL the time in your exam, and if you don't red flag a question never go back through the paper
  • KLMKLM AAT Student Posts: 26
    Hi @mcchoc

    Do you mind me asking why you suggest never going back through the paper? I have the synoptic exam next, and have always gone back through the paper on my previous exams (even when I haven't flagged anything - I do this to check my answers), so wondered why this would be different?

  • Duchess1Duchess1 Registered Posts: 32
    Excel excel excel!
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