Computer Shutdown in middle of exam!!

Posting to see if anyone has ever had a similar experience and what the outcome of the situation was?

Last night I was sitting my Decision and Control AAT level 4 exam at my college. With an hour left in the exam a message popped up on my computer saying the system was going to be shutting down and started counting down from 10 minutes with no option to cancel. I was forced to panic submit my assessment without review, unfinished and with areas still flagged or else I would have lost the full thing anyway.

My college has accepted it was their IT at fault and not AAT but I'm just wondering how this goes for me?
Reports have been submitted to AAT by the judicator and also my college but should I contact them?

Can I expect them to take any consideration when marking my exam (lower pass mark etc) or will this just be marked as normal and have to be re-sat
Frustrated to say the least as I've passed Budgeting and Financial Statements first time and was on course with this one had I not lost 1 whole hour!


  • CornishPixie
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    I think your best bet it to actually speak to AAT. They are the only ones who can advise you as to what will or will not happen in terms of your exam and the terrible situation you find yourself in. I would ring them asap in case they want anything written from you.

    Really feel sorry for you - decision and control is a tough exam anyway without that level of stress.

  • Emmalouise18
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    I had the same issue twice during my Budgeting exam and also my financial statements exam.

    My college took no responsibility and blamed AAT, and AAT have blamed my college.

    As long as you have the incident report submitted, then AAT take this into consideration when marking your exam.

    I was told by AAT that they look at your answers that you've submitted and if these are worked at a certain level, and you're answers are correct then they base this level on the rest of your exam too.

    I passed my budgeting with 82% and financial statements with 76%. They said they take the incident report into consideration.

    It's awful and really knocks your confidence :(

    Hope this helps
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