Results Day

Hi I have been browsing these forums for the last couple of years, I have found the most negative feedback on the MDCL exam so naturally I was very concerned about my ability to tackle this exam and scrap through......
I sat the exam just over 5 weeks ago but what with the written elements I still wasn’t sure. I revised hard and practiced so many mock exams it’s was mentally draining, but today o received my results and to be honest I was shocked.... I got 89% my performance feedback was Exeeded 6 questions and the two written tasks questions 5 & 8 I scored borderline and met respectively. Needless to say I was over the moon with my result and I now have my synoptic to go and I am all done.

I have not come on here to brag. My reason for this post is to encourage people on this forum and say that if you study hard, practice plenty of mocks (this is crucial) and try and speak AAT’s language in the written elements you will be pleasantly surprised at what you can achieve.

So good luck to everyone with your studies, stay positive and don’t take to much negativity from people’s feedback on here.

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