Results day!

Good luck to everyone getting synoptic results today!

Does anyone have theirs yet? I’m impatiently waiting!
I also have an interview today so my nerves are very high.

So scared if i fail this I won’t be able to move onto level 3!


  • monkeybek
    monkeybek Registered Posts: 2
    I keep refreshing the page :s Do we know roughly what time the results are released?

    Good Luck with your interview... i'm sure you'll do fine!!
  • Emmalouxx
    Emmalouxx Registered Posts: 15
    I’m with you there! I’ve heard usually around mid afternoon but I’ve seen AAT say anytime until 5pm but then it may take longer to load on your account.

    thank you!!!
  • monkeybek
    monkeybek Registered Posts: 2
    I have my results. Hopefully yours should be there now. Good luck!
  • EM12345
    EM12345 Registered Posts: 12
    I've just received my results. I passed! Hope you all did well. Good luck
  • Emmalouxx
    Emmalouxx Registered Posts: 15
    Yes my results came through at around 1:45. I got 90%! considering i had thought i’d mucked it up, i obviously hadn’t! well done to everyone xxx
  • EM12345
    EM12345 Registered Posts: 12
    Well done that's excellent. Good luck with level 3
  • LeapyUK
    LeapyUK LiverpoolMAAT, AATQB Posts: 34
    Well done everyone!

    I completed Level 2 with:

    Bookkeeping Transactions - 97%
    Bookkeeping Controls - 97%
    Elements of Costing - 100%
    Using Accounting Software - 100%
    Foundation Synoptic - 96%

    Passed with Distinction and score of 98%.

    Onwards and upwards to Level 3.

    Well done everyone.
    Level 2 - Foundation Certificate in Accounting - Aug 2019
    Level 3 - Advanced Diploma in Accounting - Aug 2020
    Passed: Level 4 - Credit Management - 85%
    Passed: Level 4 - Personal Tax - 86%
    Passed: Level 4 - Budgeting - 84%
    Passed: Level 4 - Decision & Control - 91%
    Passed: Level 4 - Financial Statements of Limited Companies - 89%
  • JoJo1115
    JoJo1115 Registered Posts: 1
    Starting level 2 in February (was supposed to be today). Any advice, I'm slightly nervous as I'm 38 and have a full time job so just doing in one day at college.
    I've got a Level 3 Business Administration Diploma which I passed a couple of years ago.
    Do you also do tests after each unit or are the tests all at the end?

    Well done everyone on passing!
  • Pian32
    Pian32 MAAT Posts: 471
    You sit the tests after each unit and the synoptic covers all of them as well.
    AAT Level 4, MAAT
    ACCA in progress
    F4- Passed Aug 2020
    F5- Passed Dec 2020
    F6- Passed Sep 2020
    F7- Passed June 2021
    F8 - Passed Sep 2021
    F9 - Passed June 2021

    ATX - Planned Dec 21
    APM -
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