Level 3 accounting difficulty

Does anyone know who has passed level 3 aat accounting without doing the level 2 course or any work experience? If so any tips on doing so? I've on level 3 course but only done one and some online videos on areas that's in level 2 syllabus.


  • Duchess1
    Duchess1 MAAT Posts: 86
    I started at level 2, just to make sure I had the right foundation for level 3. I would recommend getting the books for level 2 and just reading through them and doing some of the end of chapter exercises.

    The level 3 books do summarise contents of level 2.
  • chloee1243
    chloee1243 Registered Posts: 3
    I started doing level 3 with no experience or knowledge of the industry and found that 100% wrapping your head around the advanced bookkeeping unit is the best as it gives good ground for the rest of the unit. Ive just sat my last exam for level 3, (hopefully have passed!!) and found that dedicated revision time and lots and lost of practise papers help! Don't move on from anything until you're 100% sure of it, you'll never forget it then :)
  • Jban
    Jban Registered Posts: 10
    Brief Update - I've passed or rather, have been assessed as competent in the L3 Advanced Bookkeeping unit assessment. So that's one exam done.
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