How on earth are we supposed to learn anything when such obvious errors are printed in books that are supposed to teach us. Are these books Written by idiots and not checked before printing, beggars belief!


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    Everyone makes mistakes, there's no need for such language... I believe even people who are best in their fields still do make mistakes.

    ACCA books are full of errors too.
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    If you re read my post you will see that no bad language was used. We are all human and yes we do make mistakes but when the mistakes are in books such as these (and so obvious), that are used in the teaching of a subject then surely they should be completely error free when it comes to the importance of the subject being taught. Some people may not realise the errors and continue on regardless learning the incorrect way to do/present something.
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    All publishers tend to have errata sheets after publication to correct errors. I know this to be the case for ICAEW and BPP.

    Have you checked that your publisher has not released one?

    I know it isn't ideal but as above, people make mistakes. You will also find errors in the tax modules a lot of the time as it changes every year.

    I remember there being an issue with BPP a couple of years ago where the calculations were meant to start with profit before tax and the had done it after tax as the standards had changed so had to release an errata that covered most of the book.

    The language is probably you calling them idiots.

    My best advice is chill over small errors otherwise when you get clients accounts you will forever be complaining about their errors, and trust me there are a lot of them :lol:
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