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I've recently passed level 4 and I'm looking for a way into the industry. I live in Powys so there isn't necessarily the range of work here that there is in other parts of the country. Do people think that employers might forego some need for experience if someone has a level 4? Most jobs list a years experience as a prerequisite. I'm really struggling in the job I'm doing currently. There has been a really aggressive program of cost cutting. I do think management are instructed to pile the workload on their more trusted, or more capable staff, there is a reason why I think it's always me. Anyway I don't like it and I want out. Unfortunately there's little better or more secure in the area and I have a mortgage and bills to pay. In the 6 weeks or so since I got my last level 4 result I have applied to maybe 4 or 5 jobs, had one interview, which I know I performed really badly in. I'm in my 40's and would really like to get into the industry. Any advice would be appreciated.


  • ncacat
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    I desperately wanted out too. Have been for the past couple of years.

    I have not personally tried to find a job in the industry. I wanted to understand the nuts and bolts of a practice and have been trying to do that.

    So you have two options, to try to find a role in the industry or an accounting practice. Have you had a chance to speak to your own employer first?

    Having attended several interviews, I can safely say people wanted me to know about their general work flow already. Most recruiters didn't really worry too much about the technicalities of switching careers or having not much experience.

    They wanted someone to fit into their workflow quickly and efficiently. They hand you something to do, you are capable of doing it after a brief explanation on how to do it.

    Anyway, I digress. The point I am trying to make is, I have volunteered with an accounting firm during the weekends and free time for a number of weeks. My promise to them is not to interfere too much but be actually helpful in doing what an assistant would do when I am there.

    They were very cooperative and have helped me to learn a lot about their business.

    Have you considered speaking to your local accounting firms maybe? I wouldn't hesitate to book an appointment with them and have a quick chat maybe?
  • DanRhys
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    Thanks for the advice, I do think approaching local accountancy firms may be the best course of action. I could if need be volunteer one day a week.
  • ncacat
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    You will find that you will learn very quickly. It depends on what they allow you to work on obviously.

    The thing is, you can use the knowledge during your interviews. You might be able to move on to a paid opportunity as quick as within a month or so.

    Good luck. :)<3
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