Unsatisfactory learning delivery system by AAT results in poor performance at Synoptic Assessments

I had my exam on the 9/7/19. I had studied really hard. My previous exam result was 97 per cent. Though no point learning German if they will test you on Chinese. I am very angry with AAT. Most of the questions were completely unfamiliar to me. AAT has no right to test students on material that they failed to deliver. I can write a book about the failures to deliver this course! That's how bad it is. During the year I wrote an anonymous warning letter to my college about unsatisfactory teaching - learning process.
I know I failed this exam and that's was not my expectation. Half a problem - useless lecturers. BUT, when AAT keep their exam questions as Russian KGB keep their top secrets, the lecturers did not know what to prepare us for.
Hello there! You are a LEARNING PROVIDER! (though the word learning is the odd one). You are there to provide quality learning, Why can you not upload some 500 to 5000 practice questions online, that I can at least practice them? When you fail to employ proper lecturers, to provide me with proper books... I paid upfront £1600 or so.
For comparison, I can give you a bilingual dictionary and a Russian grammar textbook and will test you on writing a story in Russian. You will fail . The reason is - the learning process is much more than giving you a textbook and two samples of assessment.
I am going public about AAT as a con learning provider. I am going to write about non existent teaching and non existent support that result in frustration of all those students who fail and fail and fail. That's not them, that AAT fails!
Look at the results, there 10 to 30 per cent of pass (my guess, I asked my college to provide me with the results of passes at first attempt and the number of attempts, so far silence). I looked at the SQA results in accountancy, they have 58% of A and B. Some difference! Managers delivering 10 to 30 per cent of budget would be sacked. And I am not leaving the case about AAT testing me on material they failed to teach.


  • MarieNoelle
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    Have you tried contacting the AAT directly?
    @AAT_Team FYI
  • ncacat
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    AAT keep their exam questions as Russian KGB keep their top secrets, the lecturers did not know what to prepare us for.

    I understand you are frustrated. I don't see how this is AAT's fault. It just so looks like the learning provider might be not that experienced.

    I agree with @MarieNoelle
    Get in touch with the AAT team.
  • lmat
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    I take budgeting as an example. My lecturer was a part timer, did it the first time. Zero experience. I realised the problem and self studied. I studied every single page from bpp textbooks and question bank books. Got excellent results.
    The two questions from my Synoptic were not covered by textbooks, or question bank books, or in class. That's my argument. And I am not leaving it.
  • AAT_Team
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    Hi @lmat . Thank you for sharing your feedback and I am sorry to hear of your frustration with your tuition. AAT is an awarding body and not a training provider so it sounds as though it would be best for you to discuss your concerns with your training provider directly, however our customer support team will get in touch with you shortly to see how we can support you with this. If you do have concerns relating to the quality or level of support offered by AAT directly, then we would be happy to look into your concerns.
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    @lmat I completely agree with you. Yesterday I did this exam for the second time (first time I got 63%, normally I get around 80% for units). I also complained to AAT and had an unhelpful automated response. It's completely unfair. I've done AAT through an apprenticeship and my college (3aaa) liquidated because it was committing fraud - which AAT should have been closely monitoring. AAT still haven't provided students (4,500 students) with a new training provider and I've had to self study for this exam and pay for it myself.
  • Emmalouise18
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    I agree with you! My college/training provider refuse to teach the synoptic to students as they say all students should already know the topics through Decision & Control, Budgeting and Financial Statements. Apparently these 3 exams feed into the synoptic. WRONG!

    I sat the synoptic and failed with 53%. The questions are nothing like decision and control. budgeting and financial statements.

    How can we pass an exam that we haven't been taught the full syllabus for?!

    I studied very hard for this and was so disappointed when I failed. I don't see how I can revise any more as revision took over my life every week night (after a full time job) and every weekend.

    AAT - something needs to be done pronto
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