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Hi I was just wondering if you have a lot of practical experience and wish to start on AAT Professional Diploma is it okay to use second hand study text and exam kits from previous years to revise for the exams? As there is a significant difference in price.



  • CornishPixie
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    Personally, I would only use current texts as AAT have now moved from FA2016 to FA2018. Yes, the procedures will likely be the same/similar, but there is little point in learning and practicing old information when you will have to work with new information in the exams. That's just wasting time and effort. I know that exam formats have definitely changed a bit, particularly with MDCL last year and, certainly, when you study the tax modules, you would be best placed to use current information.

    You say that you want to start on AAT level 4. Have you completed level 3? Level 4 builds extensively on from level 3 so you will need that as an excellent basis as Level 4 is quite a step up. Of course, that all depends on how much practical experience you already have. Only you will know the answer to that.

    Good luck with whatever you decide but I wouldn't put a price tag on my future career.
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    Thanks yeah I've done a lot of the stuff from a practical point of view so what I am doing is reading through level 3 stuff as a refresher and then start on level 4.

    I think I will take your advice especially if the exam format changes year to year.
  • Cudden
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    I went all in with AAT Online (green light, practice exams etc.) plus latest BPP, Kaplan and Osborne books for level 4 the investment payed off especially as you have access to book amendments (that included AAT syllabus changes) and extra online resources via codes in the books.
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