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Which Software? Sage 50 or Sage One Online

I'm hoping someone can help..

I am signed up with an online training company who provide a copy of SAGE 50 for the UAS Exam however my exam centre uses Sage One Online for their assessments.

I'm in the unforutunate position of being over two hours away to another exam centre and I don't even know what software package they use.

Is it possible to learn on Sage 50 and take your exam on Sage One Online or even purchase a training programme for Sage One Online.


  • sassybutterfly52sassybutterfly52 Registered Posts: 4
    Sage 1 have got a months trial available. Get on that and learn it. I to have the UACS exam to do on sage 1. I will be setting up a trial. Just to figure out how to use the software
  • amurrayamurray Feels At Home Registered, MAAT, AATQB Posts: 303
    Sage One constantly have free trials on, normally 1 month at a time. I was trialling Sage One for work once and my trial expired whilst I still needed access, so I just created another account and got further access which worked perfectly!
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