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Could someone help me understand this question ? Where to start and what is what I have no idea at all.

Question 1

Task 1, Part 1: The following customer account appears in the sales ledger of Ely & Co

On 2 July Ely & Co received a cheque for £1,632 from Cambridge Ltd. With the cheque was a note from Cambridge Ltd stating that the cheque was in full settlement of the balance on their account at 30 June 201Y.


Identify the transaction items appearing in the account which are outstanding as they are not included in the payment received from Cambridge Ltd on 2 July 201Y.

Select one or more:

Bank £1,320

Sales – invoice 4511 £1,140

Sales - invoice 3020 £960

Sales returns - credit note 210 £360

Sales – invoice 3816 £1,464

Sales – invoice 4141 £384

Balance b/f £1,680

Sales returns – credit note 285 £240

Sales returns – credit note 322 £216
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