Decisions & Control exam - difficult

Has anyone done the decisions and control level 4 exam recently? I found it was really hard and wasn't like the mocks at all. I did the x2 AAT mocks and another 3 from Osborne books but even so it was much easier than the actual exam. The exam questions: they seemed to add so much more information and ask things I didn't find examples of in the training material (osborne) - I have passed every exam from level 2 to level 4 with 85% and above and this one was definitely the hardest one! Did anyone else have this problem?


  • TarynPitchforkTarynPitchfork NottinghamshirePosts: 31Registered
    Yes, I sat my exam in April and thought it was awful. I got my results and got 80% which I was happy about. The questions I practised on the mocks were worded in the exam in a total different way so struggled. Fingers cross you pass :)
  • Gracey94Gracey94 Posts: 2Registered
    @TarynPitchfork That's so good well done! I am 100% sure I didn't pass. it just completely threw me. I found I was spending more time trying to read the questions and understand it rather than actually doing it, so I ran out of time. Do you have any advice in how to learn for it (if i am to resit) with the mocks looking and written completely different to the exam?

    Thank you for your response :)
  • TarynPitchforkTarynPitchfork NottinghamshirePosts: 31Registered
    I would recommend downloading the app Quizlet and watching YouTube videos really helped me. Are you studying with a training provider?
  • lorraine framelorraine frame Just Joined Posts: 8Registered
    I am the same found it really difficult! and no reflection on my bpp mock exams, should I be looking at Kaplan or Osborne, I was due to resit on the 8th of August but lost my nerve and now taking anxiety homeopathic tablets to see if they help. I really have to pass the next 4 exams to get my professional!!! Seems impossible at the moment.
    If anyone can give me some handy tips that would be brilliant.
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