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Optional Units


I have had to put my studies on hold due to a move to another country. I hope to pick these back up in October and I have the Synoptic and the optional units left for level4.
I self study and work full time. I haven't bought the books yet.
Due to the time frame, im not sure whether to start revision on the synoptic first to be ready for Feb20 or to see if I can squeeze an optional unit in there first.
My queries with the oprional units (preferably wanting to do both taxes) is A. How long does these take to prep? B. Does the sylabus change at the end of the year? if so, does anyone know where I can purchase text books for the new year?

Also, when would the material be likely to be released for the Feb20 synoptic?.

Trying to plan best course of action as Im going to be so behind due to this move!


  • Rusty1985Rusty1985 Registered Posts: 55
    Hi, You can do both optional units quite quickly to be honest. My advice is, take the easiest ones, they are all worth the same mark. I took Credit Management & Cash and Treasury Management and each one took under 3 weeks to study and take the exams. You will then have all your focus on the Synoptic and still have plenty of time to complete. If you start in October, there is no reason you cant get at least 1 option done, maybe 2 if you really go for it. Best of Luck
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