AAT level 4 with no prior qualification/ experience?

Hi all,

My previous employer had me start an AAT level 4 apprenticeship without much prior learning or experience.

Due to relocation I had to move within a few months of starting, resulting in me leaving the company.

Since then I've completed MDCL and MABU with relative ease.
I'm due to start studying FSLC, but need advice regarding how to go about it as I believe they may be a knowledge gap due to not doing previous levels.

Do I just pick up FSCL books and have a go or should I visit level 3 content first??


  • StevenSCAStevenSCA Posts: 6FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant
    Hi Gallium, might be worth investing in some second-hand books, or even some past papers and see if there is a knowledge gap, before committing to a course
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