When should my certificate arrive?

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It states on the Statement of Achievement, for my 'AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting - Level 2': "It can take up to eight weeks for us to issue your certificate", which is the same as what it says on the AAT website, on the 'Contact Us' page under Assessments > Results and Certificates. However, when is the eight weeks counted from? From the date achieved on the statement? From the date the last unit was awarded? Or from the date you sat the last assessment taken? If I already have the Statement of Achievement, does it matter about the certificate, if I am changing my Training Provider to go on to Level 3? Or is there a danger that my certificate will not get sent directly to me or will get sent to the wrong provider if I act too soon? If I sat most of my assessments at centres run by a provider different to that of the one I am registered with on MyAAT does this complicate matters? And what if I have done courses for an individual unit or units with other providers at the same time but not changed my provider for AQ2016 on MyAAT?


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    I see that it states that too, but what I can confirm is that one of my classmates got his certificate just one week after receiving his results for the synoptic. So I guess it can be anytime from passing the whole level and up to eight weeks.
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