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I am hoping to have completed my AAT level 4 in October and am wanting to start studying CIMA afterwards, however, my employee will not pay for it.
I work part-time (even if I worked full time, I would not get any study support) so that I could do distance learning for AAT level 4. However, I struggled a lot with this and find that I will massively benefit from classroom lessons instead. However, this is extremely expensive (£4k a year with a good provider like Kaplan) so am wondering if there are any funding schemes out there, please.
I am a full-time mum as well, so don't know if I would get help with nursery fees etc. but it looked like those kinds of funds were only available for 'full-time students' or students doing a degree/masters through a proper university.

I have even gone on private student funds, but of course, the learning provider is a university and Kaplan isn't an option.

Are there any universities I can study CIMA? I have had a look at the CIMA website but couldn't really see many options.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

But I definitely won't have employee study support, and I definitely want to go for classroom learning, because I know that if I do distance learning, I will just never complete it.

Thank you


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