Am I on the right path? Forensic accounting/audit

Just wondering if anyone who works in audit or forensic accounting could help.

I am 20 years old, left school after GCSEs due to family finances and needing to help with rent etc, so have no a levels. I have two years experience as an assistant accountant in a very small company, and have just moved to a much larger company as assistant accountant. I am mid way through my level 3, having passed level 2 in a few months(all self study).
Ultimately I want to be a forensic accountant. I know that to become a forensic accountant you usually have to have worked in audit first, and id imagine with no a levels or a degree it will be very difficult to get into audit, let alone forensic accounting. I have no experience in practice- I did have two successful practice interviews, however took the job in industry due to the higher wage for my bills and mortgage! Maybe the wrong decision but that’s hindsight!

Basically where do I go from here? Should I finish my AAT with this company, and then try and find a junior auditor role, or move across to practice? Should I move sooner? Should I try and save up to do a degree?
I’m sorry this is such a long question- thank you for any help!


  • StevenSCA
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    Hi Milly

    This isn't going to be a straightforward answer from anyone, as everyone is different and we all have shifting priorities in life, which you have already experienced.

    If you want to get into forensic accounting, you are likely to need to do ACCA after AAT which has higher Audit learning.

    I would honestly say stick where you are and get AAT done and dusted, you may find you like working in the commercial world or not.

    Once you have AAT and experiance you can look for roles which provide study support for ACCA.

    Kind regards

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