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Hi all
So sitting down to start budgeting...
Throughout my studies , level 2 and 3 and some of 4 I have always used Osborne books, but when I enrolled for level 4 my tutor recommended Osborne tutorial but then the bpp question banks and exam kits.
So I’ve done the usual first chapter of Osborne and gone to answer the chapter activities which all went fine, then on to the first chapter of bpp question bank..
Well I’m struggling.
I feel like it’s Studied a different section.
So my question is really what has everyone found to be the best?
Is it a good idea switching between providers for tutorials and activities?
And which provider actually is closer to reflecting the exam?
Thanks in advance all


  • Duchess1
    Duchess1 MAAT Posts: 86
    I used Osborne for level 4 and did all the online study support on the AAT site. However I have the BPP book for ACCA/F3 and used that on a few occasions, as the Osborne books really didn't go into things in sufficient detail. Even though the F3 book gives you far more detail than required at level 4, I found it easier to understand. There is no need to go through the whole F3 book, but I did read the odd chapter and found it very helpful.
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