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AAT Level 2 and Level 3 Kaplan Textbooks - Full Set


I have a full set of Kaplan AAT Level 2 & 3 textbooks for sale. All in great condition, with only a couple having pencil marks in.

AQ2016 Level 2 Foundation Diploma - complete set of textbooks - £60 + free postage

AQ2016 Level 3 Advanced Diploma - complete set of textbooks - £60 + free postage

Will sell both sets for £100 + free postage.

Happy to answer any questions or upload pictures if required.


  • tenosh22tenosh22 Registered Posts: 1
    Hey I'm interested in the level 2 books.
  • JbanJban Registered Posts: 10
    Hi KerryJane, I'm interested in buying the Level 3 books.
  • manjasmanjas Registered Posts: 5
    Hi KerryJane , I am interested in buying level 3 books.
  • KerryJaneKerryJane Registered Posts: 9
    Hi Everyone,

    Apologises for the delay but these are still available. If anyone is interested please send me a message.

    I am able to post for free this week.

  • Durny89Durny89 Registered Posts: 2
    Hi Kerry Jane, do you still have both sets of books?
  • KerryJaneKerryJane Registered Posts: 9

    Both have sold now - sorry!
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