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Practice Assessment 1 - Task 2d

Hi my mind is drawing a blank.

The company wants the sales revenue for Product B (sales price £61.25) in period 12 to match that predicted for Product A. What sales volume of Product B would they need to sell in order to achieve this?

Info so far:

Product A- 135000 units = 75000 + 5000 x 12

Many thanks


  • StaceydanielsxStaceydanielsx Registered Posts: 40
    Are you using the BPP books? Only my Practice Assessment 1 question 2 only goes up to 2c x
  • Lisa2103Lisa2103 Registered Posts: 8
    the practice assessment on the aat website. got my exam later today so will have had to skip the odd question
  • StaceydanielsxStaceydanielsx Registered Posts: 40
    If you do the 135000 units x £58.50 (product A sales price) = £7,938,000 (sales revenue for period A)

    Then to get the number of units needed to be sold of Product B to get the same revenue you do:

    £7,938,000 / £61.25 (product B sales price) = 129,600 units

    I'm no professional & took me a while to figure out too!

    Fingers crossed & good luck. Let me know how you get on, I've got my exam on 2nd Oct
  • Lisa2103Lisa2103 Registered Posts: 8
    Thanks Stacey. I think my brain was just saturated! :s
    Had my resit last night, don't know if it was coincidence or intentional but I had at least half of the same horrible questions as last time I sat it!? Went in feeling positive but think I have failed it again. So frustrating as its the only one I've failed and had marks in the 80s for others :(
    Good luck for yours next month!
  • StaceydanielsxStaceydanielsx Registered Posts: 40
    Oh no! Did you struggle with the written questions or other questions? I think it's hard as I feel as though not a lot of people chose to do this exam. I chose it as I felt it fit with my job slightly more. I better get practising but it's worrying to think that the exam isn't like practice questions, ugh
    Thank you, I have my fingers crossed for you
  • Lisa2103Lisa2103 Registered Posts: 8
    The written questions were okay it was the investment options I always struggle with in an exam, return on shares etc. There were also a few multiple choice questions I had to guess as hadn't covered them in BPP book.
  • StaceydanielsxStaceydanielsx Registered Posts: 40
    I'm finding the same problem with the multiple choice questions in the mocks, that I don't remember finding in the BPP course books.
    Probably doesn't help that I'm trying to teach myself from the course notes. Just have to keep trying to learn all of this info!
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