Practice Assessment 1 - Task 2d

Hi my mind is drawing a blank.

The company wants the sales revenue for Product B (sales price £61.25) in period 12 to match that predicted for Product A. What sales volume of Product B would they need to sell in order to achieve this?

Info so far:

Product A- 135000 units = 75000 + 5000 x 12

Many thanks


  • StaceydanielsxStaceydanielsx Registered Posts: 33
    Are you using the BPP books? Only my Practice Assessment 1 question 2 only goes up to 2c x
  • Lisa2103Lisa2103 Registered Posts: 8
    the practice assessment on the aat website. got my exam later today so will have had to skip the odd question
  • StaceydanielsxStaceydanielsx Registered Posts: 33
    If you do the 135000 units x £58.50 (product A sales price) = £7,938,000 (sales revenue for period A)

    Then to get the number of units needed to be sold of Product B to get the same revenue you do:

    £7,938,000 / £61.25 (product B sales price) = 129,600 units

    I'm no professional & took me a while to figure out too!

    Fingers crossed & good luck. Let me know how you get on, I've got my exam on 2nd Oct
  • Lisa2103Lisa2103 Registered Posts: 8
    Thanks Stacey. I think my brain was just saturated! :s
    Had my resit last night, don't know if it was coincidence or intentional but I had at least half of the same horrible questions as last time I sat it!? Went in feeling positive but think I have failed it again. So frustrating as its the only one I've failed and had marks in the 80s for others :(
    Good luck for yours next month!
  • StaceydanielsxStaceydanielsx Registered Posts: 33
    Oh no! Did you struggle with the written questions or other questions? I think it's hard as I feel as though not a lot of people chose to do this exam. I chose it as I felt it fit with my job slightly more. I better get practising but it's worrying to think that the exam isn't like practice questions, ugh
    Thank you, I have my fingers crossed for you
  • Lisa2103Lisa2103 Registered Posts: 8
    The written questions were okay it was the investment options I always struggle with in an exam, return on shares etc. There were also a few multiple choice questions I had to guess as hadn't covered them in BPP book.
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