Level 4 books

LewisScarrLewisScarr Posts: 5AAT Student, AATQB
I am looking for the Level 4 books, ideally AQ2016 Onwards, with the optional units of Business Tax and Cash and treasury management.


  • fedemennifedemenni Posts: 56AATQB
    edited September 28
    I have brand new FSLC Kaplan 2018/19 full set for £20 plus p&p if interested. I have also other units too but those are little bit older but still AQ2016
  • KoopaCooperKoopaCooper London, UKPosts: 186MAAT, AATQB
    I have a set of 6 Kaplan books for Level 4, but:

    the options included are BTax and PTax

    they are AQ2013 (and follow FA2015)

    Still, if anybody does happen to want some old texts... :)
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