AAT Level 4 Distance Learning- How Long is normal?

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Hi All I have just started AAT level 4 after taking a year out for personal reasons. Does anyone know how long it takes on average to complete level 4 through self study? I work full time so am managing around 10 hours a week at the moment but the module I've started (Financial Statements) seems huge and I'm scared at my current pace it will take me years to finish.


  • davealucas
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    It took me nearly two years, but I believe that most students do it in around a year.
  • Duchess1
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    I think the Financial Statements module is probably the hardest. I found it took me a long time, as it is a big step up from level 3. The other modules didn't take me that long. The elective modules feel shortest and easiest. You'll be fine.
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    I'm awaiting my level 3 synoptic results, if they're positive i plan to start level 4 with the Optional units as they sound like they're the shortest

    I also work full time & study on demand at home so was thinking getting a couple of quick wins may help build early momentum???

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    I did level 4 in around 8 months, that's spending roughly 7hrs a week on studying ( some weeks didn't revised at all).
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