Self Employed or Employed

collieston Registered Posts: 4
I have a new builder client that has 30ish men working on his jobs. These people are all self employed. However, he is frightened about not doing things right but on the other hand he doesn't want to put all of these boys on PAYE.

Is there a way around this so that all boys are kept self employed? Years ago you would be able to get a contract made up between the Self-employed worker and the contractor that both sides signed that was acceptable by HMRC but I'm not sure if this is still doable.

This client has been approached by a firm regarding agency but I have worked out this is going to cost my client £22,000 over the year which is a lot of money!

I would be very thankful for any help and if anyone has a contract that I can have a copy of then I would be very grateful.


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