I contacted AAT to ask about apprenticeship. I understood they were confused as I contacted when I was nearly finishing the advanced level. the man who I was speaking to did not know what I am talking about and told me he has to ask others. then he came back to m and while was laughing, told me that AAT does not provide the apprenticeship.
I do not know should I say he lied to me or he could say to me that it is late to go for it.

the question is now I cannot or it is late to go for an apprenticeship so is it possible to start study level 4 while I am preparing for the advanced synoptic test and go for apprenticeship as a level 4 student?


  • Pian32
    Pian32 MAAT Posts: 472
    AAT themselves don't run the apprenticeships you need to look for training providors that do and apply through them. There shouldn't be anything stopping you applying through that route.
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