Anyone selling Kaplan Bookkeeping Level 2 books?

Hi all. I’m planning to study for the AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping and Accounting Software (Level 2). If anyone has current Kaplan study texts they’re finished with I’d be interested in buying them. Happy to pay for postage. Thanks!


  • thelowendtheory18
    thelowendtheory18 Registered Posts: 298

    I have the all the current Kaplan level 2 text books + revision pocket notes.

    there are annotation notes on some of the text books but apart from that they are good to go

    Let me know if you are interested!



    Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting - 30 Nov 18
    Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting - 16 Oct 19
    Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting - 22 Jul 21
  • KerryJane
    KerryJane Registered Posts: 9
    Hi Leanne,

    I have a complete set of Kaplan Level 2 books available, I have sent you a message regarding them,

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