Management accounting - decision and control

Parki82Parki82 Registered Posts: 36
Hi all
Sat my budgeting exam yesterday so cracking on with d & c today.
Is it loads more involved than budgeting and how long would you say it takes if I can dedicate maybe three full days a week to the module?
Is there a similar writing task as with budgeting tasks 4 and 8?


  • Pian32Pian32 Registered Posts: 33
    It's a lot more in depth than budgeting. You will need a much better understanding of variances and how they are made up as well as ratios that you might have done in FSCL. However if you have completed FSCL and Budgeting a lot of material you will be familiar with so it's just advancing your understanding more.

    Expect to be given a result from a variance calculation or a ratio and have to work back to calculate something else.

    There are similar writing tasks based on what you've been doing.
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