Limiting factors - units made

Hey! So I’m really struggling with this to get stuck in my head. I can do all of it apart from when I get to the part you have to work out how many units made ( or in some questions material or kg of product etc) .
Firstly brain freeze on how to work out how much to allocate for number of units made and secondly is there an easy way to get this to stick in my head 😂


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    I know exaclty what brian fog feels like. Anyway unless you haven't worked it out already - your missing figure is 10 / .01 = 1,000. The rest of your answer look good to me.

    HTH :)

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    In order to work out the number of units made take the 'limiting factor' available and divide it by the amount needed per unit. In this case as above 10/0.01=1000.

    To get it to stick I'd go with saying how much of X can I make with Y hopefully this will make you think Y/ (Factor needed for 1.)
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    Thanks guys 😀 hopefully this will stick at some point 😂
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