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is that possible to self-taught AAT level 2 ?

After searching for a distance learning course, found nothing matches my requirement, so wonder if it possible to self-taught please? for the AAT website, where I could get support from, say from other students here?



  • Pian32Pian32 Registered Posts: 144
    Hi Chloe

    I self studied through Accountancy Learning for all the AAT levels. You can choose if you want a tutor or not and they send you all the related osborne books for the levels as well as online resources.

    You'd study on your own do the practice exams on their site and either self mark or have the tutor mark them. When you feel ready for an exam you can then book it at any exam centre that's local to you.

    It's definitely possible to self study and the method I've used is only one so you might want to look around. You can get support here as well.

    Hope this helps
    AAT Level 4, MAAT
  • ViktoriaViktoria Registered Posts: 6
    Hi Chloe,

    It is more than possible.

    I passed Level 2 with Distinction, completely self-taught.
    I used Osborne books and AAT website (highly recommended) only. No tutor or any other provider.
    I would recommend to make a study plan and stick to it. It helps to reduce the stress when you have a busy life.

    Good luck!
  • Gary1089Gary1089 Registered Posts: 8
    Hi Chloe,

    I studied through ICS on the Kaplan text books and, given my time again, I wouldn’t have bothered with ICS; barely used the tutor (the one I had would often take several days to answer my queries) and the end of topic quizzes are annoying at best, occasionally wrong or marking down if you can’t guess the format they want the answer in.

    Have a go with just the Kaplan books, I’m sure you’ll do fine!

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