Scope of content - Bookkeeping transactions Kaplan textbook


I am just starting my self studies for AAT level 2 foundation. I bought the 2019-2020 kaplan textbooks to study from since I'm taking the exams with them but I was really confused as to why certain sections were highlighted. Are the highlighted sections the only ones we need to know for the assessment or do we need to learn the content of the entire text? I believe the specs are still the same since 2016 revised one so can anyone who has completed it already check for me? alre


  • Pian32Pian32 Registered Posts: 33
    You need it all.
    It's highlighted differently to indicate you're reading a different requirement.
    1.1 highlighted
    1.2 not
    1.3 highlighted
    1.4 not

    It's just to try and make it clearer which points relate to what.
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